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+41 11 555 44 22

Clean & Shiny
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Our motto is:
Clean & Shiny, ‘all that’s left is cleanliness’!
Company philosophy

‘Clean & Shiny’ sets itself apart thanks to its high quality and adherence to deadlines. Our customers use our services because they appreciate the reliability, service and quality. In addition, ‘Clean & Shiny’ is known for its friendly, straightforward customer service. Many of the employees, some of whom have been with the company for years, are proud to work for ‘Clean & Shiny’ and are passionate about their work.
Our motto is: Clean & Shiny, ‘all that’s left is cleanliness’!

Target/customer groups
The target audience: small companies, large companies and private individuals.

Company profile

‘Clean & Shiny’ was founded in Lucerne in 1963 by Peter Reinhardt, under the name ‘Reinhardt Reinigungen’. After Peter Reinhardt retired in 2008, his son Nicolas (Nico) Reinhardt took over the company.

‘Reinhardt Reinigungen’ was a traditional cleaning company, with its focus originally on cleaning company premises (council buildings, factories, etc.). In the 80s, they also began to offer final cleans of new-builds and end-of-tenancy cleaning. Private households were only able to afford a cleaner from the 2000s onwards. However, Peter Reinhardt never offered this. After Nico Reinhardt took over, he adapted the business model and added private domestic cleaning to the portfolio.
Nico Reinhardt completed an apprenticeship as a specialist in building maintenance with a Federal VET Diploma and a Vocational Baccalaureate, before studying Business Ethics at a university of applied sciences. He was particularly interested in business ethics and sustainability, which is also why he sets store by providing his employees with good working conditions and using biodegradable cleaning products.

Nico Reinhardt realised that offering a stellar cleaning service is not enough: looking after your customers and handling complaints are just as important for a company’s survival. That is why he leaves communicating with customers to the pros, customer dialogue experts. ‘Clean & Shiny’ has also been training apprentices for almost three years.

‘Clean & Shiny’ is at the upper end of the middle price segment as a result of its working conditions and eco-friendly approach.
Initial contact is made exclusively via the contact centre, and, depending on the job, in-person consultations are only possible for corporate customers. The contact centre can give customers a non-binding quote on the telephone, with guide prices.

Target/customer groups
Target/customer groups: small companies, large companies and private individuals.
Corporate customers
Private customers
Quality standards and communication with customers
- Our conversations with customers always begin the same way.
Inbound: "Welcome to "Clean&Shiny" first name, last name..."
Outbound: "My name is - first name, last name - from "Clean&Shiny" ..."

- Our customers are our most valuable asset. We communicate in a friendly, polite and conflict-free manner.

- Our range of services is very flexible and should be adapted to the customer's wishes.

- We take complaints seriously and respond to customers with goodwill.

- We use our questioning technique in a targeted manner and actively listen to the customer.

- Our customers' emotions are important to us and we respond to them.

- We advise all customers comprehensively and in a customer-oriented way.

- Conversations are summarized and only conclude when the customer's request has been resolved.

- We address the customer by name or in the usual foreign language standard, such as "Ma'am" or "Sir" in English.

Every customer is to be offered the opportunity to sign up for the newsletter.
Any Street 123
1000 Any Town

+41 11 555 44 22
Clean & Shiny

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